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Transform your music with our online mastering service! We utilize a blend of analog and digital tools for a professional sound. Only $9.99, no revisions. Delivery in 4 hours! Get the best outcome for your music today!


Elevate your music to new heights with our online mastering services! With a combination of analog and digital tools, we bring out the best in your tracks. Now offering the flexibility of 4 to 8 audio stems for just €39.99. Plus, enjoy the peace of mind with 4 revisions included. Experience professional results delivered within 8 hours. Unlock your music's full potential today!


Take your music to the next level with our online mastering services! Combining analog and digital tools, we ensure exceptional sound quality. Now offering the flexibility of 9 to 16 audio stems for just €149.99. Enjoy the freedom of 8 revisions to perfect your tracks. Experience professional results delivered within 24 hours. Unlock the true potential of your music today!


Welcome to the Services section of our Jazz and Soul music label! We are proud to offer our artists a wide range of professional services to help them achieve success in their music careers.

Recording and Production:

We offer professional recording and production services for our artists' works. Our highly skilled and professional production team ensures that every detail of the recording is perfect, to ensure the highest quality of the final product.


We handle the distribution of our artists' works globally, through a wide range of digital and physical platforms. Additionally, we also offer promotion and marketing services to help our artists' music reach the public and achieve maximum success.

Touring and Concerts:

We help our artists organize tours and concerts worldwide. We handle venue booking, logistics management, and event promotion to ensure our artists' maximum success on stage.

Career Management:

We offer career management services to our artists, including strategic career planning, contract negotiation, copyright and publishing management, to ensure our artists' long-term success.

We are passionate about Jazz and Soul music and are committed to offering our artists the support they need to achieve success. Contact us for more information about our services. We are here to help you make a difference in your music career.

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